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Welcome to the NewGenFit website.  A place where physical literacy and long term athletic development are the central focus of our philosophy . A place where children and adolescents develop their fitness in  line with their maturation .

NewGenFit  works to support affiliated schools and clubs in providing advanced support for our most able pupils in Physical Education.

My name is Lance Smith and I have been a teacher of  Secondary School Physical Education for almost 25 years! I have been using the LTAD/Youth Physical Development model for nearly ten years to support young ‘sporty types’ to develop their potential. The results I have seen in  improving all-round fitness  and performance is  remarkable!

All  young people who attend NewGenFit have a great time, mix with similar ‘sporty types’  and at the same time improve their ability to perform in any arena!

I hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from anyone interested in what  in the work we do.