Our Team

My name is Lance Smith and I am the NADA lead. I have over 20 years experience of teaching Physical Education and 10 years of working with youngsters in line with Long Term Athletic Development. The results I have witnessed have been very impressive indeed! I am passionate about young people achieving their potential and through NADA we see a clear way to do this.
All schools and clubs who support us at NADA can be assured that their young pupils/athletes will make great strides in terms of their athletic development and hence their performances!

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Megan Keenan

NADA 1679

Throughout my school career I have always danced and played netball. I have performed to a high level in both and have been involved in many competitions and carnivals over the years.

Since 2012 I have been a member of NADA and have competed in weightlifting competitions with them. Now I am a coach here!

It is a wonderful opportunity for me as I wish to become an elite coach in the future. I coach in some form everyday.

My biggest wish is for the young athletes at NADA is for them to excel in their sports by becoming faster and stronger and thereby becoming all-round amazing athletes!




Brandon Bellfield

Brandon played for Eastwood Town is a Sports Science student. He is looking to go to Sheffield Hallam to study sports coaching next year!

He is an excellent coach, who from a young age showed potential to coach and motivate others. In addition to this, he is a great guy who works hard to ensure our athletes become the best they can be.

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The NADA team consists of professional coaches from a range of teaching and coaching backgrounds.
We also run coach leadership programmes for young sports leaders who work alongside us too.