Our Team

My name is Lance Smith and I am the NADA lead. I have over 20 years experience of teaching Physical Education and 10 years of working with youngsters in line with Long Term Athletic Development. The results I have witnessed have been very impressive indeed! I am passionate about young people achieving their potential and through NADA we see a clear way to do this.
All schools and clubs who support us at NADA can be assured that their young pupils/athletes will make great strides in terms of their athletic development and hence their performances!

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I have a wide experience of many different sports. Over the years, I have participated in gymnastics, ice skating (3 gold awards), swimming, kick boxing (to blue belt), tennis, athletics and rugby. I currently play for the hlghly successful Mansfield girls’ rugby squad. As a member of the Under 15s, I was part of the team who won the area cup in 2017. In 2018, I qualified for the regional squad, playing for the NLD (Notts, Lincs and Derbys) team against other regional teams. I am now in the Under 18s team. I attend rugby fitness coaching and training at least twice a week in addition to matches on Sundays.

The NADA team consists of professional coaches from a range of teaching and coaching backgrounds.
We also run coach leadership programmes for young sports leaders who work alongside us too.